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Time is right to INVEST in your holistic well-being for continuous personal growth and sustainable professional development in life.

Start with simple steps grounded in Applied Positive Psychology, and Indian Science & Art of Abundance & Happiness.

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The Right Step in Right Direction Transform Everything​

The dynamic global work culture and positive mindset shift suggests focused attention on collective, collaborative and creative life in a conducive workplace. Leading companies, institutions and startup incubation centers / co-working facilities are initiating continuous training and facilitation sessions for their employees, team members and staff.

People Matters and their health, happiness and holistic well-being is crucial for individual performance enhancement, team productivity plus organisation’s growth.

Insights to elevate your self-confidence to unlock & unleash Potential Possibilities

To help individuals to know, learn, understand, apply the simple steps to discover and experience their true ‘Self‘ and unleash their hidden positive potential possibilities.

Why triggered by external stimulus and governed by others, when we can activate our own CNTR pointthe Source of Abundance.

The step-by-step workbook, associated activities will help individuals to grow personally and develop professionally while achieving higher levels of health, happiness and harmony in life & work.

Learn how to learn from past, live in present and lead the future life with love and laughter in abundance.

The Abundant life refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body. What is your current understanding is the starting point and what you achieve, where you will reach after practicing and applying Abundance Blueprint is the bliss point or the CNTR point of your life.

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The Authentic Abundance Blueprint has four (4) levels i.e CREATE, NAVIGATE, THRIVE, REJOICE for Self-Transformation. Join ‘THE CIRCLE’ and get awesome support and feedback services from Abundant Though Leaders (ATL), Facilitators, Coaches, Teachers and Trainers

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The real SHIFT happens when we focus on ‘Experience and Expression’ by applying what we know, learn and understand, practically in our day-today Life & Work.

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Abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body. We all know the theory but never applied it. Get the practical step-by step Abundance Blueprint. It is the simplest and secure way to re-discover your potential possibilities.

The CREATION is the conscious action or creative process of bringing something into existence. It is the art and science of investing, inventing, investigating or bringing something unique, meaningful and useful into ‘BEING’.
To THRIVE is an methodical process to prosper, of growing vigorously. It is to progress toward set path or realize a goal despite or because of challenging circumstances. Thriving is continually challenging oneself to be a better person, a better version of oneself & FLOURISH.
The NAVIGATION is the controlled process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning to follow the best route. It is an art & scientific practice to determine the right position, right course & distance from LIFE’s goal.
To REJOICE is to feel and express great joy or bliss. It is an instance, occasion, or expression of inner joy : festivity and celebration that comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are and how you are i.e healthy, happy and in harmony with the SOURCE. Let us all rejoice.
Aadi Ananta

Experience & Express the Happier and Harmonious way to Love, Laugh & Lead Life. Take Care of What Matters Most! #BeYou!

Know & Learn the new way of Being Abundant in Life & Joyful at Work. START THE JOURNEY TO DISCOVER YOUR TRUE ‘SELF’