About ‘The Source’

 “Source” means a point of origin or beginning, or one who initiates, generates or supplies something. ‘Source‘ is a person, or point from which something new arise, originates or can be obtained.

Technically, Source represent a body or a set of process by which new energy or information enters a system.

My Vision

  • All individuals living, laughing, loving and leading life as a Holistic Human Being
  • All organisations growing, progressing as an innovative, inspirational institutionalized Life-Work Eco-system
  • All communities co-creating, collaborating and collectively celebrating cultures as connected tribes of compassionate Beings
  • Healthier, Happier and Harmonized Humane World of Holistic Beings living Abundant Life (Adbhut Jeevan)

My Mission

  • To create Simple Secure System for Self-Discovery available to anyone at an affordable, acceptable way.
  • To initiate the process of Self-Awareness leading to Self-Care and Self-Confidence and Self-Clarity
  • To implement the Step-by-Step Hybrid System of Self-Transformation (online and offline mode)
  • To celebrate the life’s pure positive potential possibilities while spreading Abundance Blueprint for Permanent Happiness in life & work
the process

My Abundance Process

The Authentic Abundance Blueprint helps to CREATE, NAVIGATE, THRIVE, REJOICE the process of Self-Transformation.




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When you focus on challenges, you’ll have more challenges.
When you FOCUS on POSSIBILITIES, You’ll get infinite OPPORTUNITIES.