Selfies, handshakes and embraces — This is the means by which a huge group welcomed YSR Congress boss Jaganmohan Reddy, as he kickstarted his half year long “Praja Sankalpa Yatra” in Andhra Pradesh.

The padayatra is an exertion by Jagan to pitch himself as the other option to officeholder Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

In accordance with making the new brand, the effort has been authored with the motto “Ravali Jagan, Kavali Jagan (We need Jagan, We want Jagan)”.

praja sankalpa yatra

The gathering heavy hitters are worried about low spirit among their framework with 22 MLAs changing their devotion to the TDP. It was, all things considered, a padayatra by Jagan’s dad YS Rajashekara Reddy, which pushed him to the boss pastoral seat in 2003.

“Jaganmohan Reddy has ensured he tunes in to each voice in the gathering. As of late, amid a gathering laborers’ meeting, Jagan strolled to the very end of the lobby to hear out an imperceptible gathering specialist,” said a source in the gathering.

In an offer to connect with everyone, Jagan has started a native engagement video arrangement called ‘Jagan Speaks’. The point is to keep the individuals who can’t join the rally refreshed about it and to share individual encounters with the effort program.

Sources in the Indian Political Action Committee, headed by Prashant Kishore, which is strategizing YSRCP’s 2019 battle stated, “Jagan is grasping another way to deal with self-projection. He is on a way of change and is building up another brand out of himself.”

The padayatra, set to skillet 125 voting demographics, covering 3000 kilometers, will feature the gathering’s declaration of Navaratnas or nine guarantees. It likewise plans to uncover the ‘disappointments and lies’ of the present Chandrababu Naidu-drove government.

Jagan has arranged more than 5000 roadside gatherings amid his yatra keeping in mind the end goal to “comprehend the present assumption of individuals from various strolls of life”.