When on going shoot with JaiLavaKusa and Biggboss ¬†NTR is so busy at that time Pranathi¬†shows NTR Ravansura Character in JaiLavaKusa and feared a lot…and this all told Kalyan ram in Audio Release Function time.


This is the time we need to discuss Jr NTR’s twofold activity film Adhurs where there is just outfit change for the two characters he played. Be that as it may, the way he established those jokes for the Chary character made the film a snicker revolt and influenced it to click well at the film industry. In films like Inkokkadu and 24, more often than not we’re ready to see Vikram and Surya in those characters than the characters itself. Additionally, their depiction didn’t click while the character chart isn’t locked in.

Presently the enormous thing we need to see, how far Jai character, the most noteworthy of the three in Jai Lava Kusa, will make a blemish on crowds. In the event that Jai kicks out Jr NTR from the screen like a Chary, there you go, NTR and Kalyan Ram will have a victory close by. Likewise with 86+ crores “share” to be recouped from the movies, they will score an industry hit if Jai is available all finished and Jr NTR is truant. What’s more, that will occur without a doubt, say, insiders, radiating certainty.