Balakrishna’s Daughter Nara Brahmani who is the Executive Director of Heritage Foods participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 incident in Hyderabad. She revealed to it feels glad that such a Summit is going on in Hyderabad. In the meantime, The Nara Bahu kept up it doesn’t make a difference where it’s been going on and even called attention to International Women Summit was effectively sorted out in Amaravati a year ago.

Nara Brahmani opined Global Entrepreneurship Summit will help the Industrial Growth. ‘Ladies Entrepreneurs from over the World will get a chance to share thoughts amid GES. What they pick up from this Summit could convey an immense distinction to their professions,’ she said.

Presenting herself as a Venture Capitalist, Brahmani guaranteed to subsidize many organizations. ‘As a homemaker, Women holds the Top Spot. Indeed, even in Business, Women ought to be comfortable best. Marvels can be accomplished if ladies are energized,’ she says.

Ladies Entrepreneurs from the other Indian States have demonstrated enthusiasm to banter and bring selfies with Brahmani at HICC.When Nara Brahmani was addressed about the Global Entrepreneurship Summit being held in Hyderabad, she addressed the copyists in her particular style. Brahmani said that it involved pride that the Summit was being held in a Telugu state. She said that it was not vital where such occasions were held.

She reminded those present that Amaravati had facilitated the National Women’s Parliament the earlier year. She fortified the significance of that occasion, saying it was centered around ladies’ strengthening. She by and by repeating that the settings for such occasions don’t generally make a difference. She worried about the significance to deliver ladies business people and industrialists. She opined that there was much to gain from the USA in such manner. The GES is being held together by India and the USA.