Ganta Jayadev Movie Updates

Andhra Pradesh Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao’s kid Ganta Raviteja is showing up into motion pictures with Jayadev releasing in theaters this week. Not in the least like various debutant legends who settle on a shielded nostalgic script or a light weight entertainer, Raviteja picked overpowering commitment police character on his initially assignment.

Alarming himself for a modestly matured, married and father like statured honest to goodness police character lifted particularly from Tamil hit flick Sethupathi, various in industry circles are paralyzed to hear that Raviteja is just 27 years old and best suits for kid adjacent and illogically feel extraordinary parts.

Sethupathi is a police action thriller wherein Vijay Sethupathi shimmered as saint. Ensuing to directing an extensive number of his valuable ones in Telugu industry, Raviteja recognized the trial of re-trying it in Telugu under experienced boss Jayant C Paranji.

Real that there’s no buzz around Jayadev however the film is ready to hit screens on coming Friday. With an exhibited script accessible and talented Jayant helmed the re-try, Raviteja is sure on securing a business accomplishment with Jayadev.