Fidaa Review:3.5/5



Fidaa is absolutely a romantic comedy film. Varun Tej(Varun) who is seeking after a medicine course in USA comes to India for his sibling’s marriage and he mets Sai Pallavi(Bhanumathi).During the time, they begin loving each other. Be that as it may, as plans to express her affection to him, they have a misundestanding which causes inconvenience between the couple.

Varun tries a great deal to get things out between them yet she refues to converse with him. After the wedding function, Varun comes back to USA however can’t overlook her. At the point when her sister gets pregnant and needs a supporter, her dad sends Bhanumathi to USA. The tale of Varun and Bhanumathi starts once more.

After long hole, we have an opportunity to see an extraordinary romantic tale. The script is solid and a few scenes in the motion picture mirror our everyday lives. Shekar Kammula’s Fidaa is so regular and endearing.

The main portion of the shoot was occurred in Telangana and second half in USA. Shekar Kammula has been composing female characters extremely solid since Anand. After Happy Days, he lost his enchantment yet with Fidaa, appears as though he is back at the end of the day.

The stream of the story keeps the group of onlookers finish drew in with no exhausting scene and it never misses the privilege beat.The on-screen characters following up on screen has turned out so well and it appears to be practical. At the point when the performing artist deivers the diagloues we didnt feel they are mouthing they quite recently turned out genuine. Varun resembles whatever other the present adolescent, Bhanumathi is the solid willed young lady.

You will feel the pace in the first half with intriguing adoration scenes and areas and the story begins to back off for a brief time in the second half. Be that as it may, Sekhar Kammula’s gets us back to track with no jolt. Story doesn’t appear to be so new or extraordinary however the delineation of Telangana and America settings needs unique specify.