Soon after the morning and twelve shows got over, MCA and Team have required a unique Thanks Meet another day, in this manner springing an unforeseen shock. More than that, it is legend Nani’s discourse at the occasion that made anybody minimal bombshell.


Talking at the occasion, first Dil Raju talked little really, saying that reports are coming in regards to MCA that second half is quite normal while the main half is pleasant. He communicated certainty however that groups of onlookers will make it a business hit. Also, with occasions set up, we could concur with Raju on this.

In any case, Nani sounded misrepresented at the occasion saying that while exiting from the 8.45 am the show he has viewed in Hyderabad, he felt that he has completed an incredible film with prevalent substance. In all actuality, Nani is the redeeming quality of the motion picture ridden with the standard story and random screenplay. If not him, the film would have been a debacle. In any case, with Nani himself guaranteeing that he has completed a stunning film, we ponder what might anybody say.

Spectators at the occasion felt like, while Dil Raju is especially into reality, Nani is strolling on the mists, without understanding the genuine reaction for MCA. With four days occasions set up, accumulations will effortlessly come, however they won’t be of Nani and Dil Raju‘s bore.