Senior saint Nandamuri Balakrishna(balayya), who on numerous occasions discusses the significance of regarding our conventions, culture, and dialect, has given an uncommon discourse while tending to the social event at Telugu Mahasabhalu.


Balayya said that Telugu individuals ought to be pleased with having second most talked dialect in India as their primary language. He called for individuals to regard our dialect and spare it from elimination, such as neighboring state individuals do. He discussed the fondness he has for Telugu dialect.

‘At whatever point I hear that three letter word (Telugu), it gives me a baffling high. Telugu individuals know how to love genuinely and how to battle for our character. We have demonstrated the nation our energy amid a few developments.

Our dialect has been there even before we were conceived, since somewhere in the range of 5000 years. Notwithstanding, more youthful age doesn’t have any regard for our dialect. They utilize ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ rather than ‘Amma’ and ‘Nanna’, and shockingly, guardians urge their kids to call them so. They think it is current culture. On the off chance that this proceeds, following 25 years, new age may expect mummy and daddy as Telugu genuine words.

Telugu is the dialect we as a whole learned ideal from in our mom’s lap. We ought to be pleased with Telugu, and must regard it,’ Balayya said.