Balayya Babu may have been a piece of various discussions identified with slapping individuals out in the open, smoking at open occasions, remarks against ladies and so forth yet every one of the general population who had a type of direct relationship with him, sing commendations of his others conscious nature, benevolence and practical character. Noted stay Udaya Bhanu says that Balayya resembles God for her.

It is realized that Udaya Bhanu is facilitating a move based TV appear, “Neethone Dance’. In the as of late publicized scene, she got extremely passionate and had tears in her eyes while discussing the graciousness of Balayya. Portraying the episode that influenced her to come to think about the performer’s consistent with character, Udaya Bhanu stated,

“In the wake of having confronted a few issues throughout my life, I at long last discovered joy as my twin infants. I needed to commend their first birthday celebration within the sight of my relatives, who are none, however, industry individuals. When I called, a few people gruffly disregarded my calls. I informed Balayya sir saying that it was the essential day in my life and that I would be exceptionally upbeat on the off chance that he could go to the occasion.

Not long after in the wake of getting my message, he called me, asked about the season of the occasion, and he went to it. All things considered, he had a meeting in Ananthapur the precise following day, and he would need to do night travel from Hyderabad to Anantapur on the off chance that he went to the birthday festivity of my girls. Despite everything, he stayed faithful to his obligation made to me. He didn’t simply give a squint and-miss appearance yet he spent almost 45 minutes at my home, and cheerfully obliged for photos.

When he was strolling into the occasion on that day, I saw a God strolling into my home. I can always remember what he has improved the situation me. He is the most honest to goodness and sweet individual one can discover in the business.”