You more likely than not seen a saint moving, singing and romancing. That is a standard in Indian film, however, we wager you have not seen a legend bouncing off from a working to another and helping you to remember Spiderman as he does as such. Indeed, we are discussing Akhil Akkineni’s up and coming film Hello, which has abandoned us in wonderment with its mystery. The performing artist has imparted the mystery of the film to his fans on Twitter and the film guarantees to be a high-octane actioner with an adorable romantic tale. Be that as it may, it additionally abandons you confounded concerning why the film is titled Hello.

The legend is acquainted with us by Nagarjuna who starts the secret with a monolog that says a few people are fortunate as they make a special effort to meet their youth cherish. We know Akhil is the young man transformed into a macho man who needs to locate his initially cherish. Before long we meet Kalyani, the female lead of the film. There is a squint and-you-miss-it move arrangement which is trailed by Akhil performing stunts at regular intervals. While these are great diversions, you ask why the majority of this is occurring. Thus, perhaps the fun is yet to be uncovered with the trailer, which would be out soon.