JLK coming as hotter Jr NTR’s abundantly built up most recent motion picture “Jai Lava Kusa” is having him assume three distinct parts. In a few scenes that are right now being shot, all the three characters including Jai, Lava and Kusa will be available and there will be a trade of discoursed between them alongside some activity its taking lot of time.



While Jai’s cosmetics ought to be upgraded through VFX, for different characters additionally there are sure things to be included after creation in spite of utilizing some prosthetic make-ups. Updates originating from the Visual Effects studios associated with conveying the designs work for the film are guaranteeing that numerous shots are said to be taking additional time than really required. While there are over two months for the film’s discharge due date, VFX studios are thinking about whether they could convey the needful on time.

As there are three characters engaged with the film, in a few scenes, there is sure coherence issue. So we need to include the missing components through PC produced symbolism. For different scenes, we have to composite the three distinct shots including each character and simply join them by hindering the layers. In spite of the fact that the work includes routine stuff like rotoscope, wire expulsion, 3D components, clean and discharge, slug shots, firings and compositing, absence of specialized data or any slight pass in it, will make the entire of VFX gets untidy a source aware of everything included.

As some master VFX specialists are chipping away at the venture, be that as it may, they are said to have outlined a wonderful pipeline where there will be no inconvenience to deal with all the three characters. Coordinated by KS Ravindra, and JLK highlights Jr NTR, Rashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas in the leads.